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Hi, I'm Melissa!

Currently, I'm a candidate for an MSc in Digital Marketing from Royal Holloway. I moved to London after completing my BA because it felt like the best next step for me and my career (plus I love this city). 

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All About Me

I chose this course to round out my marketing, communications, pr, etc skills with a focus on the analytical side. While I have experience both in and out of the classroom in developing campaigns, I felt I didn’t have a strong understanding of data and how it can be analyzed to improve and inform campaigns. 


 When I’m not attending class or working on assessments I am working on content creation for my internship with Covett, a jewelry subscription brand, as well as my own personal social media and blog. 


During the last seven months of my studying, I’ve been reminded why I decided to pursue a graduate degree and my interest in brand storytelling has been reignited. Storytelling is what directed me to study Public Relations for my undergraduate at Pepperdine University which I completed with honors in May 2021. 


No matter what position I’ve held or industry I’ve worked in, my most fulfilling work is the projects that allow me to work creatively and share stories whether about the overall brand, a specific project, or our community.

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