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You've Come This Far, Keep Going

I see your curious about me.

Let me give you some answers

First thing, that's me! 


I’m a Scorpio, so you know I’m bold, work hard to get the job done, and ambitious and willing to put the work in. 


I love a frothy oat milk cappuccino with a good avo smash or a London fog with really any pastry. I can’t start my day with anything else, trust me on this one.  


I spend my free time scrolling through apps trying to figure out the latest trends, saving creative photos, and adding to my million Pinterest boards. 


Oh, and all I want to do this next year is work at Rise at Seven. 


What else do you need to know? I get it if you want to see my whole CV, but to save you a little time, I’ll give you a highlight reel, too.

Content creation

Content creation is a part of my daily life. From designing graphics and editorial spreads to social media posts, blog writing, and more, it’s safe to say I’m always creating something or thinking about what to create next. 


But turning that content into a newsworthy campaign through multi-channels and SEO, that’s what I want to learn every day.

Public Relations

I can whip together a target media list, write pitches, research and handle influencer outreach, and make a mean placement clipping, but I’m Gen Z, and digital is our world. It only seems right that I become a part of the digital PR world, too.

Social Media

Like I said, I’m Gen Z. Social media is my second nature and navigating apps is instinctual. It’s pretty normal for me to get tossed any social media questions or projects. 


But optimizing social media to increase leads, that is the experience I want thrown my way.


While I had the most basic understanding of SEO since my GCSEs, my uni didn’t bring it up in class until last term. Now, I’m listening to podcasts and clubhouse rooms about it and asking to be given hands-on projects to learn more.


So… do you have any to give me?

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