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Thoughts Going into the New Semester

After surviving the madness that was my first semester of college and enjoying my three weeks of recovery, I’m more than ready to head back to college. As much as I love home, college is where I can learn about anything I want; I can choose my own classes and pursue my interests. I’m exposed to the world through the people I meet and am always able to find something to do or get involved in. Looking back at last semester, I know what I need to keep in mind as I start my new semester.

1. Explore, but don’t push myself

To put it simply I like to stay busy, and sometimes and I can, or come close to, stretching myself too thin. It’s hard not to at college with so many things to choose from, but last semester I was able to hold myself back and only join a few clubs. This semester I know I’ll find more that interests me, but I’ll also remind myself of the phrase; quality over quantity. I want to make the most of my time and be able to put the attention into what I’ve already committed to.

2. Perfection isn’t possible

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to get back into some of my old hobbies which includes drawing. The main reason I’m almost never able to keep at it is that I feel like I’m not good enough at it; I put too much pressure on myself to be perfect rather than enjoying the experience of drawing. This semester, and hopefully in the future I’m going to try and remind myself that holding myself to unreachable standards does no good.

Those are the two ideas I can put a name to, but I think to put it in layman's terms I’m just wanting to make this year the best it can be in every aspect of my life; personal, academic, and professional. In order to make that happen I just have to remember to step back when it all gets too much and remember to take care of myself and know that I got this.

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