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A Friday Night of LACMA and Dim Sum

One of my New Year’s Resolution is to go out more while at college, and I’d like to think I’m doing pretty well and keeping with that. Last Friday, my roommate and I finally ventured into LA and checked off LACMA and the Urban Light installment of our Los Angeles bucket list. One of the best things about going when we did is that after 3 p.m. on a Friday, L.A residents, and students attending schools in L.A county, receive free admission. Parking however, you still have to pay for, but some is better than nothing.

We got to LACMA at the perfect timing, just as the sun was setting, and got to see Urban Light in both the daytime and at night when they were fully lit. As expected we snapped a couple (read: way more than either of us will ever post) pictures of us amongst the lamps, and for a few we did channel our inner Mia (Emma Stone in La La Land), but then we realized time wasn’t waiting for us, so we headed into the Ahmanson Building.

The very first thing we saw was the smoke installation which loomed over us as we ascended up the stairs. While my friend is not an art buff, I am a former art student, therefore I lead the way to whichever exhibit caught my eye. Bless her for not getting antsy when I would take a few extra minutes studying an art piece, or when I would start spouting off random thoughts about the deeper meaning of the art.

It was great to go from learning about artists like Matisse, and Pablo Picasso in class and then getting to see and admire their work up close. And while modern art isn’t my favorite kind of art there were some great pieces that made my mind get to work in thinking about what went into its construction and what inspired the artist. There was one collection of sketches about a German folklore that were absolutely delightful since it combined two of my favorite things; fairytales and folklore, and simple sketches.

After admiring all the Ahmanson Building had to offer, we ventured to the Broad Contemporary Art Museum, where masterpieces of enormous size took up whole rooms, and they deserved nothing less. This museum had my favorite art offered by the LACMA, while contemporary you could still easily see their artistic appeal and a few were quite humorous, but all were excellent.

At the end of our adventure we found a great Dim Sum restaurant; Bao Dim Sum House on Beverley, that just hit the spot after a long day and wrapped it all up with some rolled cookies and cream ice cream, and the perfect tunes playing as we drove back to Malibu.

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