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A Trip Down Abbot Kinney Blvd

Whenever I think of Venice, I think of sunny days, blue skies, a boardwalk full of interesting people, and murals on every wall. After living in California for the majority of my life, I finally got to experience the neighborhood of Venice, or at least a street. Since we didn’t have a full day to explore, my roommate Karli, and I decided to use our three hours to explore Abbot Kinney Blvd to eat as much as we could, shop as much as we could afford, and take as many pictures as possible.

The first part of our excursion was a bit bumpy, we had originally planned on getting brunch at The Rose Café, but found that would not be happening due to the line extending out the door. This is how we found our way to Abbot Kinney where we thought we might be able to get something to eat at The Butcher’s Daughter, and just like The Rose Café, we would not have been seated quickly by a long shopt. Throwing plans to the wind, we found parking and just walked until we came across a fast-moving line paired with a delicious and affordable menu at Greenleaf.

I ordered their Smashed Avocado Toast with Eggs, while Karli got a Chicken Pesto Panini. While we had originally wanted to sit in their sunlit backroom filled with plants and an adorably massive white dog, there was sadly no room so instead we ate on stools at their community table where we were surrounded by friendly fellow patrons. I swear it took no time for my meal to be placed in front of me and the smell was just amazing. Let’s just say that toast did not last long at all.

After finishing our meal we hit the street wandering wherever our hearts desired. My absolute favorite thing about Abbot Kinney was all the art. The street art scene is Malibu was basically non-existent so I loved seeing the “small” pieces, and was amazed by the humongous murals. In every alley, on the sides of stores art caught my eye and I had no qualms of taking photo after photo, no one did, and no one cared or judged you; something I positively adore. One of my favorite photos I took was of me against an adorable bright blue wall with a cute little shutter.

There were so many great stores that caught our eye, and cute little shops that screamed at us to come in, but for the sake of our bank accounts we dared not even enter. Even though I wasn’t planning on looking at clothes shops, because I knew they would be above my college student salary, but boy did we get lucky in stumbling across a store, Skylark, that was having a sale. Karli and I each found a piece that was perfect for perfect for us and the fact that we got pieces that were originally more than thirty dollars for ten and change made our day.

Last but not least, we got donuts. Holey hell, I’ve never tasted a donut so good. I was a little skeptical just because these weren’t the average donut flavors, but I was not lead a stray by everyone that recommended Blue Star Donuts and I would just like to personally thank you all for changing my life for the better. If you had asked me a week ago my opinion on Raspberry Rosemary Donuts I would have passed without a second stop, but it might be safe to say I have a refreshing new favorite donut.

The iconic palm tree lined street of Abbey Kinney has indefinitely secured a spot on my favorite quick trips list and I’m itching to see the rest of what Venice has to dazzle me with.

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