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A Day In LA

While I might not have had a three day weekend, my friend Lauren did decide to come visit me up in Malibu which I was all for. She arrived Saturday morning, dumped her stuff in my dorm, and we were off. Our destination was Beverly Hills and our goal was just to drive around enjoying the warm day. However, we figured it was best to at least have some idea of where we were we.

We were enroute to the Beverly Hills Hotel as we drove around with the windows down along PCH and encountered a shockingly little amount of traffic on the way in. After getting our fair share of pics in front of the iconic hotel we just relaxed at the park. No worries, no stress, no itenary down to the minute that we were breaking our necks to stay on. We just talked about our lives and what was going on because no matter how long your Snapchat streak is there is nothing quite like a face to face conversation. And so we sat, enjoyed the sun in the clear blue sky, watched the ducks swim around, and mentally asked the bees to stay far, far away.

When we could go no longer go without caffeine, we had all the choices in the world of coffeehouses to pick from but after hearing about this one place and seeing a thousand pics on Insta we chose Alfred's at Melrose Place and I feel in love. It was just the right size that it didn't feel overcrowded, but big enough that more than 3 people could sit down and for the first time ever I actually liked iced coffee. Lauren and I talked some more, and long after our cups were empty we strolled up and down the street window shopping with dreams of success and being able to afford the stunning clothes in our head. Realizing the time we headed to Hollywood Boulevard with our eyes set on the Pantages Theater.

As expected parking was horrendous, but eventually we yielded to the parking garage with the dreaded $20 sign. Much to our pleasure though, we discovered that it was for all day parking, but you never know with LA. The reason for our trip to the theater was to go backstage at Disney’s Aladdin to visit some of Lauren’s friends. I was absolutely blown away by all the rich, vibrant colors of all the props and stage decorations. After returning from our quick trip Agrabah, we said goodbye to her friends so they could start getting ready for their next show. It was getting late and we were both exhausted and decided to end our day in LA with a drive up to Griffith Observatory and while we didnt get to park and capture the La La Land pic my friend had her hopes set on, we were able to enjoy the stunning views with the windows rolled down and music being sung along to.

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