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Spring Break Thoughts

Tomorrow my day begins at 7 am, and will be filled with three classes, one meeting, and an hour of work, but just last week I slept in until 10 and lazed about in bed for as long as pleased. The fact is that spring break is over. It’s mind blowing, not just because of how early my spring break was, but because the end of it means I have almost only 2 months left of my freshman year of college.

I thought about that a lot this week, my first college spring break. I didn’t go off to an exotic place or spend everyday hitting the pavement, I went home, I relaxed. I didn’t do much and that’s fine. Sure I felt a pang of want every now and then when I scrolled through my Instagram feed and saw others having the time of their lives or exploring new cities. I won’t say it wasn’t nice to go home for a bit. I got pampered, finally got that mani pedi I’ve been saying I need for over a month, got a massage and a facial all in the same day, and you know slept for a good portion of it.

And that’s okay that I wasn’t living like I was in a movie, despite my self-imposed busy schedule, not having something to do, or a deadline, or another scheduled meeting was nice. It gave me time to think, for my mind to wander and not set me back with hours of work or studying. I actually binged watched a show for the first time in forever!

Honestly the worst part of my spring break was probably the lack of socializing, and there was nothing that could have been done since all my other friends from home either just started their spring break or still have a little while to go, which absolutely blows my mind.

What I’m trying to say in a convoluted way, is that even though my spring break, and maybe your spring break too, wasn’t one for the books, isn’t something you’ll really remember all that well a year from now, there was good, and in that moment it was important and worth appreciating.

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