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Flywheel: My First Cycling Class Ever

I always try to get as many things done at once; be as efficient as possible, especially when it’s something I’m not that excited about, like exercise for example. I’ve never been a gym girl. I honestly have no idea what I would have to do to get a full body workout, which is why I’ve always liked boxing classes, or group sports. They give you a full body workout in one go. Like many others, being more active was one of my new year’s resolutions, and while the life of a Pepperdine student already had me being more active on a day to day basis I wanted to do more.

I had originally planned on attending the on campus fitness classes, but their schedule didn’t work with mine and that plan crumbled. Now SoulCycle is quite popular on my campus, no surprise since there is one less than 10 minutes away, but I wanted to hopefully start doing this regularly if I liked it, and there is no way I could afford regular SoulCycle classes on my college student budget.

Early last semester my roommate Karli had her interest peaked by cycling and found a place in Santa Monica where your first class was only $15, which included shoes, and I figured that was a good price to give it a try. It was totally worth it.

After making an account and reserving a bike for Friday’s 5:45 class I decided to hop on Google and get an idea of what I was getting myself into. No lie, I was filled with regret. The videos showed high energy classes with encouraging instructors and blaring tunes, all of which was fantastic, but I realized I was going to be dead before the class wasn’t even half way over.

Which was completely true.

The upside though is that the instructor Madison, was understanding, and just encouraged me to keep moving even if I wasn’t working at the same level as everyone else which was a blessing. The class was everything I needed. It worked my core, my legs, my shoulders, and my arms, and it definitely covered cardio. The best part of the class for me was that I didn’t worry about being judged or watched, one of the reasons I hate going to the gym.

At the end of the class, my water bottle was empty, my legs didn’t know how to walk initially, and I was officially hooked on Flywheel.

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