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Why I Marched for Our Lives

Yesterday I marched alongside thousands who have had enough; enough of thoughts and prayers, enough of hearing now isn’t the time, enough of kids dying in school, and enough of wondering am I next? I have been so lucky to not have been personally affected by gun violence, but I know far too many have been and so I marched.

I marched because I remember when I learned about Sandy Hook.

About 20 children who had been slaughtered. I remember feeling numb, being filled with disbelief, sobbing when I heard their names. I remember when it had been a year and nothing had been done.

I marched because of the Pulse shooting,

because now it wasn’t just schools, it was anywhere, because a night out turned into the last night for so many. I remember everyone focusing on every other aspect of the shooting except that it was a shooting.

I marched because of Las Vegas.

The closest a shooting has been to me. Where one of my professor’s brother had been and made this man who was always energetic and friendly cry in class asking us to attend the service later that day on campus. Where fellow Waves had been attending looking forward to a fun weekend and instead experienced a storm of bullets.

I marched because of Parkland

And the students that refused to be labeled as voiceless victims, who rose up and demanded change. Who refused to be deterred, who have become such a legitimate threat that they’ve been labeled as frauds. Who are making those who refuse to listen, shake because they are coming for them. Who in 39 days organized hundreds of events to show that they are not alone, that this isn’t a moment, but a movement and we will not stop.

I marched because it’s almost been 20 years since Columbine and nothing has changed.

I marched because I’m tired of walking into a class and wondering what would I do if I gunman showed up.

I marched because I’m tired of telling my mom I have to head to class and her telling me to be safe.

I marched because enough is enough and our lives mat

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