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What Daily Doodles Taught Me

It's been a little bit more than four months since the beginning of the new year, and the beginning of my goal to draw a little something everyday. I started my doodle journal, as I like to call it, in order to fulfill one of my new year's resolutions; to try and get back into my old hobbies, in this case art.

I originally started out with a goal to draw something everyday, and while that worked while I was still on break, but once I got back to college my busy schedule didn't really permit me to take a chunk of time to find something and try to draw it, so instead I decided to pick something that stood out about my day and just do a quick little doodle before I go to bed.

Some days it was harder, and yes I did miss a few days, but I would always come back and doodle something for the day I missed. I found that a week later I would look back and sometimes I’d remember exactly why I drew that, and others I’d have no idea. I learned that while something might have an impact on you that day, in a couple weeks the chances are it won’t have had a memorable impact. And that can be good. Really bad days will go away, so even if when they’re happening and you think it's the absolute end, take a deep breath, and believe you’ll survive it.

Realizing this now, especially with only a month of school left and finals, and papers, and presentations all coming my way, is so important. It’s a perfectly timed reminder letting me know that so long as I try my best, and keep trying, it’ll be alright. If I don’t ace an exam; it’s not the end. If my gpa drops by 0.2; it won’t kill me. I just need to enjoy these last few weeks and finish off the year strong.

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