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Sephora's Foundation Sample Kit Review

Like most, I love shopping online on Sephora, but rarely ever buy anything. That is until I saw the promo for a bundle of foundation samples with a purchase of $25 and what perfect timing that promo had since I was in need of some skincare products. Now I’m not sure which I’m happier about; the products I paid money for and love, or the sample of foundations that now have me torn between what my next purchase will be.

MakeUp Forever Ultra HD Foundation

Price: $43

Coverage: Medium

For the most part this foundation was able to cover up blemishes and appear even, but in the areas where my darker blemishes were, while it definitely reduced the harsh color difference you could still see there was a difference in color.

Overall: I really liked this foundation it didn’t feel oily when I put it on or throughout the day except for once which i quick blot dealt with for the rest of the day. It wasn’t shiny in photos and didn’t rub off everywhere. I was impressed that the small sample size was enough to cover my whole face. I applied my foundation after 7 am and took it off after 7 pm, but I almost didn't want to because it was still looking great and I have no doubt that if I had left it on it would have lasted longer.

After a quick search I found that they have this foundation in stick form which I’m definitely interested in since I’ve found stick foundation to be the best for me.

Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation

Price: $49

Coverage: Full

I found for the most part that it did provide complete coverage which is the only perk I found about this product for myself.

Overall: Despite the great coverage, I’m not a fan. From the second I was applying foundation it felt really oily, I was blotting before it had even been an hour, and I kept blotting the entire day. It felt like the foundation was dripping down my face.It may have lasted 16 hours, but I really had no interest in keeping this on longer than I had to.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Foundation

Price: $40

Coverage: Medium

This foundation reduced the appearance of the majority of my dark spots without looking cakey at all. It really lives up to its name and feels absolutely weightless from the second you put it on.

Overall: I love this foundation! It has a really natural matte look that I love. It didn’t feel oily at all which is an added plus for me! I really like how it had a matte finish, but also left my face looking a dewy, which stayed for more than 12 hours!

Sephora Collection - 10 HR Wear Perfection Foundation

Price: $20

Coverage: It doesn’t say what kind of coverage this foundation was supposed to provide, but I would describe it as medium to full, either way it did its job in my eyes.

Overall: This foundation didnt feel oily or too heavy when I put it on, but the closer it got to the 10 hours, the oilier it starts to get. Other than that I think this is a pretty good foundation which surprised me because I usually don’t like the store brand’s products. While it lasted me nearly 18 hours, I don’t recommend you wear it for longer than 10 hours.

Becca Ultimate Coverage Foundation

Price: $44

Coverage: Full

It’s impressive that with the little amount I received as a sample, I was able to get great coverage. This stuff is pretty powerful.

Overall: I really like the matte finish of this foundation, the extra water in it leaves my face looking bright and moisturized, and no caking.

Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Foundation

Price: $48

Coverage: Full

The coverage of this foundation was really great, while it didn’t fully cover up all my blemishes it did reduce the darkness of the bigger ones.

Overall: I really liked this foundation. Even the ones I really like feel oily at some point even for a short amount of time, but this didn’t feel oily once. It had a really natural look when I wore it and made my face look nice and bright. The sample also came with some oil-free primer to try which was really nice too.

Marc Jacobs Shameless Youthful-Look 24H Foundation SPF 25

Price: $46

Coverage: Medium

I love it when foundations exceed my expectations. Even though this foundation is advertised as medium coverage it gave me full coverage to the point where I couldn’t see my really dark spots.

Overall: Was a little oily after a bit, but blotting got rid of that and it was great for the rest of the day. I really liked the natural looking matte finish that it had. I actually love the sample of coconut face primer that it came with. To top it all off the foundation didn’t cake at all or look/feel dry in any spot.

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation

Price: $34

Coverage: Medium

The coverage was fantastic! Shocking right? Even with a few breakouts, this medium coverage foundation provided me with full coverage from what I could tell.

Overall: I was really excited to try Fenty Beauty’s foundation and was not disappointed. The matte finish looked great and the foundation never made my face feel oily. Another plus was the sample of primer that came with it which I also really like. I wore this foundation for over 16 hours and it looked as great at the end of the day as when I put it on that morning.

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