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My Favorite Summer Pieces

This summer I’ve been thinking simple when it comes to my wardrobe, not too much fuss and outfits that can be put together quickly from pieces I can miss and match into numerous outfits that kill the gram game. I found this to be the best route for my summer style especially considering the fact that with my departure to London and London weather less than three months away, putting money into a California summer-ready wardrobe would just be a waste. My rule this summer when it comes to shopping is; if I won’t be able to make it London survivable even with layers then it’s a no go.

Almost two months into my summer and my current favorites have made themselves very apparent.

Simple T-shirts

T-shirts have become a recent go-to of mine, and my absolute favorite as of now is my striped crew neck top from Madewell. Yes, it is a bit of a splurge for a simple t-shirt, but it’s super soft, very versatile, great quality, and lets me continue wearing my stripe obsession. I also have a plain white version of this shirt which is just a wardrobe staple no matter what.

Slip Dress

I adore my slip dress, that is actually a slip that came with a dress I bought but can be worn by itself too. This thing is an honest to god life saver and such a cute outfit that can be easily thrown together that is perfect for warm summer days.


Right now I have three pieces of denim that I wear on a regular basis; my high waisted shorts, distressed boyfriend jeans, and my slides/sandals.

To sum up my shorts in one word is pockets. These shorts were so comfortable when I tried them on and I absolutely fell in love with all four of their quirky pockets that make you do a retake to make sure you didn’t put them on backward. I got really lucky with these as they were on sale at Madewell and usually my size is never left on the sale rack long enough for me to get my hands on it.

My boyfriend jeans are the only pair of jeans I dare wear on a summer day. They’ve served me well for over three years I think and definitely have a few more years in them. What caught my eye about them was the cute details of embroidered words and the super comfy fit. Before I bought this bad boy the only jeans I had were skinny.

Last but not least are my slides. After minor foot surgery, I found that regular flip flops and Birkenstocks irritated my surgery site. I bought one pair of sandals nicer than those that didn’t cause irritation, but wouldn’t work for pool and beach days. At the beginning of summer, I stumbled upon these and haven’t regretted buying them ever since.


Tote bags are a summer essential in my book. You can toss in what you need for the beach, a sleepover, even an overnight trip, and the tote I have now I have had for years and it’s great because it works in every season.


Besides my denim slides, I could not live without my slip on sneaks and wedges. As much as I love my converses this summer I’ve preferred my slip ons... and you can tell since they really do be replaced, but nonetheless, they are my go-to for quick trips and last minute adventures. As for my wedges if I feel like dressing up these do the trick and I can wear them all day long.

I wouldn’t go as far to say that my summer wardrobe is complete, but it is safe to say I’m loving these pieces and am looking good for the summer.

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