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How I Handle Acne Breakouts

When I experience a break out of acne, the first thing I do is identify what kind of acne it is, and by that I mean is it because of my period? I can tell when my acne is a warning of what’s to come or if it’s because of oil buildup or a new product.

If it is cause by a product I estimate when the breakout started and what changed; new products, different skincare routine, etc. For the most part, mine is caused by new products I was trying, so I cut them out of my skincare routine.

After I give my skin a week or two to clear up, I slowly reintroduce those products one at a time every week if I wasn’t able to figure out which one was causing the acne before hand. When you’re letting your skin clear take a look at your new products and see if you can figure out which one is causing the breakouts. For example my sunblock while oil free, contained lanolin that caused pore blockage. I was able to determine that it was causing my breakouts and replaced in with an oil and lanolin free sunscreen designed to prevent breakouts.

I then continue to treat my acne at night by:

  • Cleaning my face with micellar water

  • Followed by an acne treating face wash

  • Using witch hazel toner after I wash it

  • And applying tea tree oil acne gel

And during the day by:

  • Using a face wipe when I wake up instead of washing my face

  • Applying moisturizer and sunscreen

  • Always using a primer before putting on my makeup

I also try to give my face a break and not wear makeup everyday which is a lot easier during the summer. I also exfoliate 3 times a week and treat myself to a face mask once a week. My biggest problem when it comes to my skincare is drinking water, but I try to drink a liter of water a day or at the very least 3 glasses a day, less than what I should, but more than I usually do. I’ve also been trying a skin detox tea to help with my acne.

How do you fight acne?

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