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What's in My Suitcase: Toronto and NYC in Summer

I have been looking forward to this trip since I bought my HerConference tickets all the way back in December and now I'm off to Toronto for three days and then the big apple for four. I knew within month what I would be wearing at the conference, but then it came time to figure out what I would be wearing the other 5 days of my trip.

I've often gone to Toronto during the summer to visit my family and it can be nice and warm one minute and then surprise rain showers the next minute so it's smart to have a variety of clothes. So, I decided to go with clothes that with a small change can work for murderous summer heat, and pleasant summer days.

A Maxi Dress (Target)

A Slip Dress (Urban Outfitter)

A Jumpsuit (TJmaxx)

A Pair of Jeans (Stradivarius)

Paper Bag Pants (Zara)

High-low Skirt (TJmaxx)

Mini Pencil Skirt (Mango)

A-symmetrical Pencil Skirt (JCPenny)

A Pair of Shorts (Mango)

Camisole (Target)

Yellow Long-sleeved Top (Zara)

Ruffle Sleeved Shirt (Madewell)

Bodysuit (Zara)

Plain White Tee (Madewell)

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