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The Rosé Mansion; An Real Life Instagram Feed... with Wine

A big thank you to HerCampus, Bumble Bizz, and the Rosé Mansion for hosting the Rosé Soiree this past Friday. The HerConference kickoff event was colorful, lively, and riddled with wine that I sadly couldn't drink.

Even though I couldn't enjoy the international rosé I loved meeting other girls and learning about rosé from all around the world. I enjoyed the eye-catching and interactive experience all while getting enough pictures for Instagram in the colorful rooms to last me at least a month.

Here's a sneak peek of just a few of the photos you can get:

For the rest check out my instagram @lilmissmel_ (shameless plug I know), or go to the Rosé Mansion yourself if you're over 21... or both!

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