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Londontown USA: Changing the Nail Game

Now, like many, my nails are far from perfect. They have a thousand ridges and break constantly, and I've excepted that. I enjoy how nice they look when I get a mani-pedi and cheer when said manicure lasts nearly a week without my nails freaking out on me. My nails usually look pretty bad once the nail polish comes off, so imagine my surprise when I remove some self-applied nail polish and find my nails looking, dare I say, healthy?

I was absolutely puzzled at this unusual turn of events when I remembered that I had used my new Londontown USA products. I'm not usually one to start singing praises to a product after using it once, but I was stunned at how good may natural nails looked after one use. Londontown USA's products are infused with natural oils and a little "nail science" as they put it that are designed to strengthen and restore your nails and I think they got this one right.

Their fortifying ridge filler is one of my favorite products that I've tried so far. Not only a great base coat when getting a mani, but you can also wear it by itself for a matte look. I also love their nourishing nail cuticle oil, as well as their strengthening lacquer remover because of how it doesn't leave my nails feeling brittle and stripped.

With over 90 colors on their website to choose from I think I'll be adding a few more colors to my collection, not to mention I' all about supporting cruelty-free beauty products, especially if they treat my nails so well!

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