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Disney Flex Pass: The Best Pass

Who doesn’t love a trip to Disneyland? 

Growing up in Southern California, a day at Disney was the best, but I didn’t go frequently making an annual pass a complete waste. Flash forward to 2019, but rather than frequency stopping me from getting an annual pass, it’s the cost. Or it was until Disney released it’s new annual pass, the flex pass. 

The Disney Flex pass is the definition of bang for your buck. It costs $599, only two dollars more than 3 park hopper tickets and gives you access to a years worth of Disneyland with the exception of Winter holidays, so long as you make reservations on certain days. That’s it, all the access of a Signature Pass for almost half the price and a reservation. 

Now you might think oh well you have to book in advance if you want to get in; there goes any spontaneous trips. And to that I say you are wrong. I checked to see if I could make a reservation, last minute, on a weekend in June and I could. 

In my personal, Disney loving, opinion. I think the Flex Pass is the best Disneyland annual pass and is especially perfect for college kids like myself. I wasn’t even going to buy a pass for myself this year out of fear of not going enough since I’m working and taking classes, but for such a great price I couldn’t pass it up. All it takes is for you to go four times in 12 months and you’ve saved money. 

Now I just need to stop myself from buying all the merch and snacks, everytime I go.

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