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Goodbye Chapstick, Hello Lip Oil

It has been about a week since I received my monthly BirchBox and while I often like the samples they send me, this was the first time I was blown away. Like many people, I suffer from dry lips and carry chapstick in my pocket at all times. But no matter how often I apply it, my lips don’t stay moisturized for long. That is until I tried lip oil. 

The description is in the name. Oil, for your lips, that you apply like lip gloss, but your lips are actually moisturized and stay feeling moisturized for so much, longer. You can even have tinted lip oil for a pop of color. Safe to say the very same day I started using lip oil I stopped carrying my chapstick. 

Not only do my lips feel more moisturized, but it never feels like I’ve applied too much, or my lips are sticky, like they can feel like when I’ve used chapstick. If Pinterest isn’t lying you can make your own lip oil pretty easily. I’ve gone ahead and linked a youtube channel with a few recipes if you feel inclined to give this a DIY try. 

I’ll go ahead and take this chance to a) say thank you for reading, and b) to let whoever is still reading that in order to try and post more regularly (aka not once every couple months) I’m going to post biweekly. 

So the take away of this post: 

  1. Lip oil actually moisturizers your lips, give it a try

  2. I’m going to post biweekly now

That is all. See ya! 

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