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Spending 48 Hours in Seattle

I've always considered myself a traveller, the travel bug is in my veins seeing as my mom became a flight attendant during college, and my dad left home at 18. In my life I've been incredibly lucky to travel to Europe, Asia, and Africa, but the one place I feel like I've never seen is the United States of America. At the top of my U.S.A. Must See List was Seattle and I finally got the chance to go see the Rainy City myself.

By chance, one of my best friends was in Vancouver, and wanted to do a weekend trip to Seattle, I was more than happy to book a flight Friday after my classes and head to Washington.

If you're anything like me, good coffee is the best experience, and I planned on leaving Seattle with coffee in my veins.

Getting There

My flight departed LAX at nearly 8 pm and arrived in Seattle around 10:30 pm. There were multiple options to get from the airport to the city; the Light Rail and RideShare, but for the sake of time I chose to go with Lyft.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport's RideShare system is genius. Rather than crowding around one sign they have spots in their parking garage where the cars pull into and you meet them there. So much easier than LAX's curbside pickup or their soon-to-be RideShare shuttle I fear. It was a quick drive into the city and my day ended with reuniting with my friend at IHop over some stacks of pancakes.

Day 1

My first, and only, full day in Seattle technically started with pancakes, but after catching some sleep we woke up and headed to the first coffee shop of the day, Evolve Coffee. My friend found Evolve, and while it wasn't the closest coffee shop, there was a chance the shops two dog mascots would be there.

Unfortunatley, the dogs were off that day, but the cappuccino and avocado toast I got was totally worth the short walk, plus the area we stayed in, Belltown, was really nice to walk through. Evolve was a sleek, black and white coffee shop, and not only was the food, and coffee great, but the baristas were super nice and happy to answer our questions as well as give their recommendations.

After finishing breakfast we walked to Capitol Hill, an area filled with cute stores, great restraints, and lovely coffee shops, as well as the Starbucks Reserve if you're a fan. I'm a big wanderer when I'm in a new city and Capitol Hill is a great area to wander in and out of shops. Some of my favorite were:


Victrola Coffee

Elliot's Bay Bookstore

They were just full of eclectic products and calm atmospheres. Also there were so many restaurants and coffeeshops that I didn't go into that made me wish I had multiple stomachs.

Once we finished our afternoon coffee stop rather than catching the bus we just walked down to Pike Place Market.

As expected the market was packed so rather than walk through it all we headed down to the pier below after grabbing some biscuits. At the bottom of the stairs I found the Pike St. Press which is a small hidden away print shop filled with great stationery, postcards, and posters.

While waiting for the sunset, we grabbed lattes at Moore Coffee, who just so happen to make latte art of cute animals.

The day ended with dinner at Queen City, which turned out to be Seattle's oldest bar, not that that meant much to my 20 year old self. Nonetheless, the food was delicious and the staff was great. My meal came with some great sauce, but not enough bread and they were happy to give me more which makes them angels in my opinion.

From what I could see, if you're 21 Seattle has tons to offer you. I might just have to go back to see how true that is.

Day 2

I'm a big fan of brunch, so what better way to start my last day in Seattle. We had eyed what looked like a popular, and yummy brunch spot when walking around Capitol Hill, so on the bus we hopped and Oddfellows did not disappoint. Wanting to be seated sooner rather than later we opted for their back porch with heaters. It was the cutest little courtyard with lights above us, the back wall covered in plants, and a mural on the brick wall next to us.

It wasn't long before a cappuccino sat in front of me and the best beignets were being scarfed down, after they were dipped in jam of course. Oddfellows' menu had plenty of great options, and I was very happy with my mushroom egg Benedict.

It wasn't long before we left Capitol Hill for the last time and moved on to Pioneer Square using the Light Rail. There we stopped into a quaint little bookstore, an eclectic and chic macaroon shop (yes I bought some), tried some fresh pacific oysters, saw a man-made waterfall in the city, and yes went to a coffee shop.

Since it started to rain for the first time during our weekend, we buckled down in Great Porpoise for an hour or so until the rain let up.

We only had an hour or so left before we needed to go our separate ways and decided to try our luck at the Market one more time. Thankfully due to the rain, the market was much easier to walk through. We peeked a look at the Gum Wall, strolled pass the OG Starbucks (no way were we getting in the line), and walked through the flower stall seriously contemplating taking a big ole' bouquet on a 3 hour flight.

After spending as much time we could in Seattle, our bags were picked up, goodbyes were said, and I caught the Light Rail to the airport.

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