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My Summer of 2020: Moving in and Interning During Covid-19

In January 2020 I thought I knew exactly what my summer would hold; interning in Shanghai, followed by visiting family, traveling, and finally moving into my first apartment. A month later I knew my internship would be changing locations, and by March I had no idea what my summer would look like.

Despite California being in lockdown and uncertainty covering every aspect of my life; I knew no matter what I had to get an internship this summer and spent all of March, April, and May applying for any remote internship I could find. By the end of my had secured two remote internship positions.

The first was with Stanton & Company, a health, beauty, and wellness PR agency in Venice. I would be a public relations intern working on media lists, influencer research and outreach, and more. While the internship began remotely there was hope that we would be able to transition into in-person before the 9 month internship was over. I spent one week in the office, and while it was short lived, I was happy to have gotten the chance for even the shortest experience.

My second internship was as a Brand Partnership and Social Media Intern for The Coven Magazine, an online magazine focused on providing authentic content with depth for college aged women. For Coven I spent my days fining PR contacts, drafting and scheduling emails, setting up phone calls, and creating one-pagers for potential brand partners. I also got to work on projects for instagram focusing on language and marketing.

Both of these internships while remote essentially saved my summer and gave me an opportunity to learn, and improve my PR skills and I am so grateful that they were able to transition their in-person internship programs to remote.

While I was interning, and trying to figure out my school in the fall I was also moving into my first apartment. I realized quickly that while I wanted my apartment to be set up, there was time and I had other priorities I needed to focus on. I'm excited to have my first place and going into the school year am still setting these up now that I know what works thanks to working from home for the past 3 months.

Tomorrow my senior year of college starts, and I think I might just be on the right track. Keep an eye out for more content about my first apartment, interning, my senior year and anything else that might come my way.

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