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6 Months of London Living: From Grad School to Internships and *gasp* a Personal Life

This is a little late, but oh well!

Six months ago I got on a plane and moved to London.

I can’t believe six months have already flown by and at the same time I can’t believe it’s only been six months. I’ve learned and experienced so much, I don’t know where to start.

But seeing as I moved here for grad school let’s start there.

I had no idea what grad school would be like, although I sensed it wouldn’t be like anything I saw in the movies no matter how much I wanted to be like Elle Woods. I was however pleasantly surprised. There was no drawn out introduction or wasting of time, they got right into lecturing me on digital marketing and its many facets from data analysis, SEO, KPI’s, and much more than I realized.

I honestly wish some classes were longer because they are so interesting, like my brand storytelling class that just finished.

And my assessments are actually interesting?!?!

And help me focus on potential post grad work paths?!?!

Undergrad could never.

While some days I want to scream at administration for being so obtuse, other days I find myself looking into Phd programs (who am I?).

But don’t worry Dad I’m gonna take a break from academia I swear.

Which brings me to work, or rather internships.

It was a rocky start to be honest. I thought I had kicked off my new life girlbossing when I managed to secure an internship before my plane took off, but one month later and I was unexpectedly unemployed, and right before my birthday too.

Job hunting was stressful, but after writing enough cover letters to make my eyes bleed I signed a contract.

Content marketing became my life and while my team was great, I realized if I was going to spend my days researching and writing, it was going to have to be in a field I would be interested in learning about. But that’s what internships are all about.

I’ve just started a new one, and I’m really excited about its potential. I’ll keep you updated.

Even though I haven’t lived at home for about 4 years and have rented an apartment before, I consider this my first time moving out. Maybe it’s because home isn’t a 3 hour drive away anymore, but rather a 10 hour flight, but I think I’m in the barley-there adult life now.

And I’m enjoying it (besides the bills, but who likes those).

Life is… costly, but when I open the door to my flat and hear my friends laughing, or spot them cooking through the window it feels worth it, and the inkling of regret and self doubt creeping up fades away.

Do I drink too much coffee just to have an excuse to sit around a cafe in a new part of town? Maybe.

Do I spend some days completely at home? Definitely.

But I feel settled. I know which bus will get me from point A to B. I feel at home when I stop by the corner shop for some bread and a snack. I feel like I have a future here when I drag myself out to meet friends (which making friends as an adult and in London is an accomplishment. I feel at peace when I get home late, even when I have a staredown with the neighborhood fox.

I always worried that being content would mean I lost my drive and my craving to explore and do more, but after six months of taking a leap and just trying to make the most even if that means doing nothing, I know being content is just the beginning.

So let’s recap:

  • I’m actually enjoying grad school (most days).

  • My internships are actually helping me figure out my career path.

  • It’s been hard to make friends, but the ones I have make me feel at home in London.

  • Not sure if I’ll ever see all the city has to offer, but I’ll give it my best.

  • And one day I might die of a caffeine overdose, but that’s Future Melissa’s problem

  • Until then I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing with maybe some improvements.

Until next time

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