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That's a Wrap on Group Projects... for now?

After five group assessments I will be completely honest and I say I’m over them. My groups have been great and the topics interesting enough, but yeah I’m over it.

Obviously teamwork and being able to work on projects with new people is a really important skill, we even got a nice mix of in person work and zoom calls so we’re prepared for the real world but I’m happy to be done with (or hopefully done with) group projects for the remainder of my course.

This project was fair straightforward and really not that difficult to get done, especially when you have a team like mine that’s good at communicating and just as eager to turn it in.

First we had to pick a topic. The team was divided between two general themes so we gave ourselves half a week to come up with as many narrower topics and then choose.

In the end we chose: How to Personally Brand on LinkedIn?

After that we looked at the assessment requirements and came up with enough points that we could choose 10 as a group. Each team member than selected points they wanted to research and cover and once we all agreed on our individual responsibilities, went away and came back with 10 pages as required.

We were lucky to have a graphic designer on our team who then, with the help of the rest of us (don’t worry we all pull our weight), designed a branded presentation which you can see for yourself.

I knew this before grad school, but am certain that in order for group projects to go well you need communication (timelines, deadlines, responsibilities, etc) and if you’re lucky to get one more thing, it’s a team that you know is in it with you that you can rely on and not have to micromanage.

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