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The Creativity Revolution Might Be Televised

When I woke up on Friday I decided to scroll through LinkedIn to delay leaving my bed.

I didn't;t expect to see that Revolt was having an Insight Day in a few hours. Earlier last week I had seen their event happening on Thursday, but I was booked to work and was disappointed that I wouldn't be able to attend.

I love when things work out.

Two emails later and I was rushing to finish getting ready and grabbing a bus to St. Pauls. I shouldn't have bothered mapping the rest of the route since the crowd of fashionable dressed students clustered around the entrance was a clear enough "YOU'RE HERE" sign.

The first part of the day was all about Revolt, how the agency was created when two creatives came together after a combined 12 years of experience and decided they would be the agency that created a revolution and give other creatives the opportunity to entire the industry. It was comforting to hear that each agency member had a different path that put them onto their careers both traditional and non-traditional.

We also heard the agencies outlook on the future and where creatives belong in it. It was funny to hear the word creatives and know that included me because well, it's been a while since I called myself a creative and that realisation was enough to make me remember how much I love being a creative and that yeah I have the right to claim that title. Especially since I was inspired by their outlook on the future and their goal to create an army of creatives ready to make a future for our kind.

After the inspiring back stories were shared we got down to well more storytelling, but this time focused on brands and shared different brands and their stories that we were drawn to, thanks to my recent uni assessment I had ideas fresh in mind as did my small group members. We also talked a bit about our own story and how we can tell it.

I left Revolt feeling renewed creatively both from the feedback I'd received about my portfolio, but also from getting to meet and network. There was a mix of other Masters students, second and third year undergrads, and full members of the workforce. I got to speak with film lovers, fellow pr professionals, illustrators, designers, founders and talk show hosts.

My bank holiday didn't start at all like I thought it would (sleeping in and sunbathing), instead it kicked off with sunshine, warm weather, and some unexpected, but thoroughly enjoyed professional development.

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