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The Last 90 Days of the Life I Know

1 semester; 3 months; 90 days. Nine - Zero. That is all I have left of being an undergrad in college. I knew this day would come, but I cannot believe it is here already.

It goes without saying that these 90 days are not like I expected them to be, but even if they were I think I would be feeling the same way; excited, disbelieving, and a little sad, but in the best way possible. While I may not be thinking about planning a grad trip or grad party, I do have plans for my final semester.

First, and foremost are my classes. Thankfully I'm only taking 11 units of class; my PR capstone which I'm most excited for as we will be running a whole campaign from the research and proposal stage to as far as time will allow us whether that be mid implementation, finished implementation, or maybe even evaluation. My second capstone is my advanced creative writing course that focuses on long-form fiction writing in which I will be writing 50 pages of a completely new story. Lastly, I'm taking a communication ethics class which is the one I'm least unsure about simply because you never know how an ethics class will go, but I'm actually kind of excited to see the class progress.

Outside of class, I have my usual commitments. I'm acting as lead designer for Currents Magazine once again and am writing in a smaller capacity for HerCampus. I decided to start reducing my extracurricular responsibilities with university groups for two reasons. 1) I wanted to help get HerCampus used to changing up leadership and 2) it's my last semester as much as I love HerCampus and designing I did want to have more time for myself and other non-university commitments.

This is a critical time for planning and preparing for my future and a big part of planning is putting together a healthy amount of savings for whatever may come next for me. I'm grateful that not only do I still have my part-time job with my university running the social media for our study abroad office, but a paid internship is a reality this time around. I decided after doing four unpaid internships I had enough experience and skills to reasonably expect to be paid for my work and refused to consider doing unpaid work.

Because whether I manage to get a year-long post-graduate internship this fall or get accepted into a Master's program in London I'm going to help my family pay for my expenses.

In a coming post, I'll look back at my time as an undergrad and how it brought me to this point, not only in time but in who I have become. But right now looking back helps me realize how important it is to make the most of the time I have now so that when I look back it'll be a fond memory.

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