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The Story of Social Travel: Told by One Grad Student

When it came time to choose what brand’s digital storytelling I would have to research and analyze, it was hard to choose. The way brands interact with their community and audience; the stories they tell and how they tell them, that’s what attracts me to brands and multiple came to mind as being great choices.

In the end I chose Contiki, and I was particularly interested in doing the project because they had just announced a rebranding with one goal in mind: telling better stories.

I didn’t realize just how much digital storytelling they did and the amount of platforms they worked across. I could have spent a whole month deep diving into their storytelling themes and techniques, but I had to save going down the Contiki rabbit whole for another time.

The one part of this project that was… not difficult, but perhaps challenging was creating an infographic because I didn’t have a lot of numbers that I thought were important to put on it. Yes, I could have listed their following on different platforms or number of site visits, but those numbers don’t show the brand and their storytelling. So I tried something else. I'm not totally in love with it, but I was happy enough to submit it alongside my report.

Looking into the story of Contiki made one thing clear for me, I really have to go on a trip with them.

Download PDF • 22.52MB

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